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Richard E. Byrd No. 1300  
Col. Bosques de las Cumbres 
Monterrey, N. L. México Tels: 8310 0000,

8381 8182 y 8339 5384

Whatsapp (sólo Admisiones): 81 1803 2547 




Privada del Lago No. 150,  
Col. Del Paseo Residencial, 
Monterrey, N. L. México 

Tels:  8357 9070, 8357 9122, 8357 9004

Whatsapp (sólo Admisiones): 81 1803 2550  


What type of events can parents attend? 

We have a great variety of opportunites for you to visit us. Among them: Opening school yearly meetings, 2 open house, Christmas festivals, parents festivals, San Patricio olympic games, open classes, fairs, (social science fair, 100th. Day, and gastronomic exhibition among others) workshops and talks for parents.


How many students does each classroom have? 

Each group consists of a maximum of 24 students with the exception of Pre Maternal which has a maximum of 14 students. 


Where do students eat their lunch? 

Preschool groups have their lunch inside their classroom, while Primary, Junior High and High School can eat at the Cafeteria or in the common areas during recess. 


Are parent-teacher conferences held? 

As many as needed, parents are encouraged to make a special appointment with the teacher via email. 


What happens if my child feels sick? 

He or she will be taken to the Nurse’s Office to get medical attention and their parents are notified.  . 


Is the teaching of values part of the program? 

Yes. in Preschool we have a Values Program taught by volunteer moms, who are guided by our School’s Human Development and Values Department. In Primary and Junior High we offer workshops .


What happens if my child went to school without lunch?

We offer nutritious breakfasts which can be ordered in advance. 



What happens if for unforeseen reasons, I am not able to pick up my child after school? 

You should call and give us the family number with information on who will pick up the student and how that person is related to him (her) We will verify this information before your child leaves the school. 


How can we celebrate a student’s birthday? 

Cake and juice boxes can be brought to school to share with classmates on a Friday only. Please confirm with your child’s Homeroom teacher.