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Richard E. Byrd No. 1300  
Col. Bosques de las Cumbres 
Monterrey, N. L. México Tels: 8310 0000,

8381 8182 y 8339 5384

Whatsapp (sólo Admisiones): 81 1803 2547 




Privada del Lago No. 150,  
Col. Del Paseo Residencial, 
Monterrey, N. L. México 

Tels:  8357 9070, 8357 9122, 8357 9004

Whatsapp (sólo Admisiones): 81 1803 2550  

Human values play a vital role in the society, for they are said to be the basis of human beings for leading a better life. 

The importance of values is frequently cited in relation to the global and national problems, whether it be in debates, in assemblies, or in the discussion of the quality of life and individual fulfillment. Thus, values are deemed especially important in questions of cultural development and are central to concern for the preservation of cultural heritage.


Information about the values of life is a continuous process found in society and is seen right from the childhood of a person. We all should be aware of removing the social problems which are deep-rooted in human society. 

That is why at Colegio San Patricio we created the CSP Talks, an on-going Forum of conferences dedicated to engaging with ideas, spark conversations and promote values like truthfulness, kindness, honesty, justice, respect, and humanism, which are to be preserved in society in order to regulate human life. 


The CSP Talks will be held through the scholar year in both Campus Cumbres and campus Del Paseo.

OCT 22, 2018

Jimena Longoria

In our first CSP Talk, we had Jimena Longoria, a well-known Influencer, who shared our middle and high school students and their parents on both campuses, her life experience and how self-esteem has been fundamental to finding stability and harmony in her life.